Ryan Burke

Web Developer

Fancy seeing you here!

I'm Ryan, a passionate web developer currently building engaging User interfaces for Mag-O, my portfolio is getting redeveloped currently in Typescript-React so thought i'd leave this brief placeholder here to point you in the right directions for now!

Before joining the Manchester Airport Group I worked with Beauty Bay & In Touch Networks permanently and a couple of small businesses on a freelance basis.

Working across the entire stack I predominately use React, Node.js, Typescript and native web components but i've adventured across numerous technologies in my career, dabbling a lot in .net core & VueJS my last couple of positions and actually joining the dev world via PHP & Laravel originally.

Still a big kid developer, love playing with new tech and experimenting (used this as my excuse to finally make a CSS native dark mode, give it a try in the top right), a strong voice in a team (definitely not shy to challenge opinions and stand my ground) and i'm very fond of the mentoring & culture development side of what I do.

If you fancy seeing some of what I do or want to reach out just click through below!